I am the creator of a coaching approach that supports a healthy workplace by decreasing abrasive and disruptive behavior. I provide executive coaching services using the approach to work with senior leaders and disruptive physicians.

I developed the approach in the belief that these leaders are not sociopaths, jerks or “bossholes.”  I believe instead that they are generally well-intended people who act as they do on the job because it’s all they know AND because they get results by acting that way.  These people are so results focused, they may be unaware of the negative impact their behaviour has on the people they work with.  In my experience, they are genuinely floored to discover that there are negative perceptions of their behaviour and anxious to make changes once they “get” how destructive their behaviour is on their teams and co-workers.

The process:

My coach approach generally involves these steps:
– an assessment of the client’s coachability and his or her preferred coaching style
– confidential qualitative interviews with team members (on-site over two days)
– gathering and linguistic analysis of communication samples (oral and written) to identify specific examples of language that might be causing offense
– a confidential feedback report to the person who is perceived as abrasive or disruptive
– identification of priority areas for action
– coaching over a period of 3 – 4 months to explore and test out alternative behaviours
– a “pulse check” series of interviews (by phone) six months after the conclusion of the coaching to see if the negative perceptions have been eliminated