2014 Canadian Public Service Employee Survey Results

The results of the Canadian 2014 Public Service Employee Survey are in:
·      29% of employees indicated having been a victim of harassment on the job in the past two years; and
·      When asked to indicate the source of harassment, 67% of employees who had experienced harassment on the job in the past two years cited individuals with authority over them.
The President of the Treasury Board, Hon. Tony Clement’s response?
The Government of Canada is committed to providing a safe and equitable work environment for all employees, while ensuring they are treated with dignity and respect.  Harassment and discrimination are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  We have implemented policies, and training, as well as formal and informal recourse mechanisms, to ensure that leaders and employees have the tools they need to prevent and resolve workplace harassment and discrimination.  We must continue our efforts in these areas.
Indeed, Minister, you absolutely must continue your efforts in these areas.